Excalibur Philosophy & Mission

The Excalibur Barber emblem is comprised of the tools of traditional Barbering. It is meant to resemble the medical logo and symbolize what Barbers were originally….it is a symbol of respect and integrity in the Barber industry


Excalibur Barber is not defined by location…. It is a commitment to Grooming Excellence! It’s what should be in you… Quality….Industry Integrity… Operating above average!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a culture in Barbering where Grooming is not just about a haircut, but about Grooming every aspect of life. To promote excellence and to help lift the standard of Barbering. To set a standard of integrity of the industry, being upstanding in the community, and highly skilled in our artistry.


To establish the brand as the paramount of grooming.

Code of Ethics:

Excalibur Barber • One of prestige and character. Masters of their craft. One who holds strong values of professionalism and quality. Protecting industry standards

Those who choose, or are chosen to wear the crest, take an oath to uphold a standard of preeminent grooming.

Excalibur Barber…. “Grooming Excellence”